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You have options of having support from Virtuozzo, free support on mailing lists and forum, or switching to Virtuozzo which is much more than just a commercial version of OpenVZ.


Virtuozzo is now offering an OpenVZ Maintenance Partnership program. The program provides bug resolution support and feature development to the OpenVZ community. The OpenVZ Maintenance Partnership has a small annual fee and provides two benefits to partnership members.

  • Partnership members will receive a support ID that will allow them to submit support requests and/or bugs, up to ten per year
    • Requests are handled by a professional support team
    • Bugs will be placed at higher priority level
  • Partnership members will also be able to submit a feature request(s) which will be reviewed by the Virtuozzo engineering team. They will work with you to clarify the requirements and implementation options and provide an implementation estimate and a schedule.

Learn more and join the OpenVZ Maintenance Partnership

Free support[edit]

You can get support through the mailing list, bug tracker and Support forum. Both developers and members of OpenVZ community can answer your questions there, although there is no guarantee of any kind. Be sure to browse/search this wiki, make a search within the mailing list archives and forums before asking your question.


Virtuozzo provides everything OpenVZ does plus:

  • Ability to use VMs as well as containers.
  • Distributed cloud file system.
  • Higher containers per node density.
  • Easy bare-metal installation.
  • Offline web-based containers management.
  • Traffic accounting tools.
  • Containers backup tools.
  • Physical-to-Container and Container-to-Physical migration tools.
  • Monitoring and statistics tools.
  • Common client-server XML-based management API.
  • Web-based and GUI management tools.
  • Integration with Plesk Panel.
  • Discounts on Plesk Panel licenses.
For more information, visit or contact