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Not sure if this is teh right place to ask this question. The forum has a Howto section that refers to If this is not the right place please tell me and I'll move the question.

How compatible is Virtuozzo and OpenVZ?

Is it possible to vzmigrate a VE from Virtuozzo to OpenVZ?

Can OpenVZ hardware nodes be managed from VZMC?

Thank you.



I suppose it isn't right place for such questions, the right place is support forum =) This is for future, now I answer your questions right here.

So, Virtuozzo and OpenVZ aren't compatible at the moment. It includes, that you can't run VE created on Virtuozzo on OpeVZ, you can't vzmigrate a VE from Virtuozzo to OpenVZ, and VZMC supports only Virtuozzo hardware nodes.

Please, new such questions to support forum, thanks! =)