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What is a container (Virtual Environment, Virtual Private Server, VPS, VE)?
See Container.
What are highlights of OpenVZ technology?

In short, OpenVZ is the only highly scalable virtualization technology with near-zero overhead, strong isolation and rapid customer provisioning that's ready for production use right now. Deployment of OpenVZ improves efficiency, flexibility and quality of service in the enterprise environment.

Who needs OpenVZ? How it can be used?
See Use cases.
How scalable is OpenVZ?

OpenVZ technology scales as well as standard Linux kernel — up to thousands of CPUs and terabytes of RAM. Read more about OpenVZ containers density and performance.

I want to show my appreciation to OpenVZ and put some logo to my site. Where to get it?
See Artwork.
Are there any control panels available for OpenVZ?
What kind of documentation is available?
Aside from this wiki, which contains lots of information, you can check extensive manual pages and [1].

Installation and upgrade

How to install OpenVZ?
See Quick installation
What hardware is supported by OpenVZ kernel?
See RHEL Hardware Compatibility List.